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Mr S from Liverpool suffered an injury whilst at work. He had to climb onto the conveyor belt whilst carrying out his daily duties in his workplace which caused his knee to be injured.

Knees are very susceptible to twisting or stretching injuries taking the joint through a greater range of motion than it can tolerate.If the knee is stressed from a specific direction then the ligament trying to hold it in place against that force can tear. Ligament stretching or tears are called sprains. Injured knees can take a long time to fully heal as the joint is used so frequently. Injuries to the ligaments in the knee can require surgery to repair the damage.

Even in cases where surgery is not required ligament injuries take around 6 weeks before the knee can be used as before. This can impact severely as it may mean that clients are unable to drive or walk longer distances. Long rehabilitation periods like this are frequent occurrences after accidents in the workplace.

If you have suffered a workplace accident which was not your fault call Michael Lewin’s experienced solicitors to start your claim today; check out our case studies in Manchester and the rest of the UK.

The health and safety act 1974 has been in force for many years as such Michael Lewin are of the opinion that employers should be aware of their legal obligations. Lack of knowledge about the health and safety act 1974 is not considered a viable defence. There are many websites where both employers and employees can find the requirements that are workplace must attain in order for it to be acting legally.

Many directors are not aware that they can be intentionally liable for any related offences such as the common law offence of gross negligence manslaughter. Under common law gross negligence manslaughter is proven when directors of the company cause death by their own grossly negligent behaviour. Michael Lewin believe that directors never actually think through the terrible consequences of small acts of neglect. Most directors are unaware that offences such as these are actually punishable by sentences such as life imprisonment.

If you are unsure if your case meets the criteria which it needs to for you to get compensation for your injuries the compassionate staff at Michael Lewin can advise you over the phone for free. If Michael Lewin can help you after a workplace accident you can firstly look at the case studies then call us on: 0844 499 9302in Manchester.

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