25 year old Mr A was involved in a workplace accident when a machine started up without warning; his claim was handled by the hard working team of personal injury claim lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK who have an outstanding reputation for efficiency professionalism and friendly customer service.

Mr A injured both of his legs in the accident. Michael Lewin have dealt with countless claims against employers where defective machinery or equipment was involved. Mr A was in the hands of professionals and could feel very positive about the outcome of his claim.

Employees can be seriously injured if they have been given faulty equipment to work with. Any employee who is injured in this way is entitled to pursue damages for any pain and suffering any financial losses and any loss of amenity which is a direct result of their accident.

Employers may also experience an investigation and in very serious cases of negligence they may also face the possibility of their firm being closed down. Employers rarely consider these more serious consequences but they would be far better spending time and money on ensuring their equipment is in safe working order and avoiding a great deal of heartache further down the line.

Mr A was not asked for any payment when the team accepted his workplace accident claim; his lawyers at Michael Lewin in the UK accepted his case on a no win no fee basis ensuring that he would receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Michael Lewin ensure their clients receive 100% of the compensation and will work hard to resolve each case as quickly as possible.

You need to talk to a legal expert as soon as possible after your accident so they can point you in the right direction from the word go. You can make a claim for compensation if you can prove that your accident was someone else’s fault. It could be the fault of your employer a fellow employee or even another company which is based at your place of work. As long as there is a clear case of third party negligence you can make a claim

The most common causes of accidents at work are unsuitable or defective equipment an unsafe system of work dangerous working practices contact with dangerous materials and poor health and safety.

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident and think you may be entitled to claim compensation talk to lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK: 0844 499 9302

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