When a victim of a workplace accident told Michael Lewin Solicitors how he had severed the tendons in his wrist and hand he made a claim for compensation after being put at ease by the valuable legal advice from the personal injury team in Leeds who accepted his case and assured him that his claim had a genuine chance of success.

Mr J from Seaford severed the tendons in his wrist and hand when he slipped on wet cardboard in the kitchens at work. He was carrying crockery at the time and fell very badly leaving him in agony. Tendon injuries are frequently caused by accidents involving glass knives or other sharp equipment which results in an open injury. Tendons can also snap if they are overstressed.

Mr J lost the functionality of his hand and his wrist as a result of the injury and had to seek immediate medical attention to get his tendons repaired.

Apart from the emotional impact of an injury there is the issue of the financial impact if the victim is unable to work for a while. This may involve not only time off work for recovery but also for medical appointments and treatment. Special damages can include part of a claim for example lost wages travelling expenses (eg for attending medical appointments) prescriptions private medical treatment. This part of a claim can run into £1000s if a victim has been unable to go to work.

Anyone who has suffered from a workplace accident needs to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible before they take any further action and find out if they can make a claim for compensation; outstanding legal advice and a caring service is guaranteed by Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds who have the experience to handle the often complex and sensitive circumstances of a compensation claim.

Every UK employer has a duty of care. This is critical to the health safety and general welfare of all employees. Not all employers are aware of the implications of the duty of care. But it doesn?t matter how small a business happens to be. Where there’s any member of staff there is a duty of care responsibility.

There are basic rules which must be followed to reduce the risk of slips either at work or in a public place. Failure to follow these rules can lead to liability for an accident and injury to another person. Basic housekeeping rules are vital; keep water and contaminants away from walkways and if they do spill they should be cleaned up immediately.

Michael Lewin will analyse your case and advise you if your claim relates to a clear non-fault accident. The personal injury team will do absolutely everything they can move your claim to a successful conclusion.

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident if you want to find out if you can make a compensation claim and need legal advice today call the personal injury team at Michael Lewin in Leeds: 0844 499 9302

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