When Mr D sustained a back injury in the workplace Michael Lewin Solicitors were on the case immediately; their dedicated team of accident claim advisors made a compensation claim on his behalf and shared valuable legal advice using their vast knowledge of personal injury law in the UK.

Mr D was at work when he fell down defective guttering and injured his back. Any accidents caused by defective premises are the responsibility of the owner or landlord or whoever is in charge of the property. The same applies to any structural defects which can also cause dangerous accidents. If anyone is injured there will need to be a thorough examination of maintenance reports and service records.

If you can show that a third party which is the person or organisation responsible for maintaining the property or outside space has been negligent you can make a claim for compensation.

Minor back injuries do not always stop you going about your daily activities it depends on the severity of the injury. Most people who have suffered a back injury will be required to take some time off work for recovery.

Michael Lewin are vastly experienced in handling claims involving workplace accident compensation and were delighted to provide Mr D with all the legal advice in the UK he needed to help move his claim forwards as quickly as possible to a successful conclusion.

Slips trips and falls in the work place are a very common cause of injury. Maintaining a clean work area is important but maintaining the safety of employees is vital.

Compensation is awarded not only for pain suffering and financial loss but also for loss of enjoyment of life. If a victim is unable to continue with a hobby or if they have to consider a change of career this will be taken into consideration. The restrictions of daily activities may be temporary or permanent. Again this is also taken into consideration and will be calculated into a compensation award.

Special damages may also include part of your claim. You can claim for loss of earnings including any bonuses. You can also claim for travelling expenses and medical expenses. Basically anything you have had to pay for which is a direct result of your accident or injuries can be included in your compensation award.

Michael Lewin’s clients receive 100% of the compensation because the legal fees are paid for by the third party.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident and want to know how much compensation you may be entitled to call Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert legal advice for all areas of personal injury law in the UK: 0844 499 9302

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