Come to the experts at Michael Lewin after any workplace accident our experienced staff can help you to get the compensation you deserve after any injuries that you have suffered; our staff are dedicated to dealing with claims on a compassionate and professional level.

Mr H from beautiful Swansea was 66 when his unfortunate workplace accident took place. Our client was on a truck when he was suddenly struck by another truck which reversed into him.

Our client took a great deal longer to fully recover from this accident than he had expected he is unsure if this is down to his age or just whether the injuries he sustained were greater than he had originally thought. Generally in the experience of Michael Lewin’s team as clients become older their injuries take longer to recover from fully.

It should be a cooperative action between the employer and the employee whereby it should be the duty of every employer to consult any representatives with a view to making and maintaining arrangements which enable both himself and his employees to effectively promote and develop measures to ensure health and safety at work of the employees in his care. The employer should also check the effectiveness of the measures which are jointly agreed upon.

If you have been involved in the workplace accident and would like compensation claims specialists at Michael Lewin to help you to make a claim to recover any financial losses that you have experienced.

In organisations where workers regularly use trolleys and Trucks extra safety precautions should be taken to ensure that the vehicles do not collide either with each other or with pedestrians. In our experience simple procedures generally work extremely well; for example this accident could have been prevented by having lanes which could work on a one-way system. This would guarantee that at any one point in time two Trucks going in opposite directions would not be able to meet and cause an accident.

Accidents like these which are easily preventable can be extremely frustrating for the staff member involved. For staff to feel valued occasionally employers may need to consult exterior health and safety officials for advice. The small outlay of an expense can frequently save employers money in the longer term and the provision of a safe and secure environment for employees to work in cannot be overstated in terms of the mental well-being for the entire workforce.

If you have been the victim of the workplace accident and you would like Michael Lewin to help you to make your compensation claims you can call our compassionate professional staff on: 0844 499 9302

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