A workplace accident can involve a multitude of injuries and it is vital that you get compensation claims advice and discuss the circumstances of your accident with a legal professional; Mr C called Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK when his eye was injured by broken glass and the personal injury team were on to his case immediately.

Mr C’s safety glasses broke which caused very painful injuries to his eye. Eyes are at risk in many working environments which means it is crucial that all employers make sure that any requirements for eye protection are indentified by a comprehensive risk assessment. For employees who wear glasses there is a choice of over-goggles to fit over their glasses or prescription safety eyewear. The assessment needs to determine whether the safety glasses should have plastic glass or polycarbonate lenses.

Section 9 of the HSW Act requires the employer to provide free of charge personal protective equipment or any other items for the safety of employees where it is required by law.

In summary although there is a great deal of legislation around pertaining to the legal responsibilities for employers to follow the general health and safety act of 1974 gives the basic minimum requirements and any supplementary advice will be available about more specific areas if required. Compliance with these regulations should always be regarded as the barest minimum requirement which is expected from every employer by the courts if action was ever to be taken by an employee.

Michael Lewin assessed the cause of Mr C’s workplace accident and concluded that their client was not to blame; Mr C instructed the personal injury experts to handle his case and benefited from their expert compensation claims advice which moved his claim in the UK quickly towards a positive outcome.

Michael Lewin have the experience and compassion to understand that it can take time for victims to get their lives back on track after an accident. They will not waste any time in resolving a case to reduce the victim’s suffering as much as possible. However they still guarantee the highest level of customer service and professionalism. Their clients are in the safe hands of experts.

Physical mental emotional and financial suffering is all taken into consideration when negotiating compensation. Loss of amenity for example having to stop a hobby or domestic task is also taken into account. Special damages can run into thousands of pounds and it is important that you talk to your solicitor to make sure everything that is related to your accident and subsequent injury is included. Things such as travelling expenses medical bills and loss of earnings would fall into this category.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident or know anyone else who may need compensation claims advice in the UK call Michael Lewin’s dedicated team of personal injury advisors in the UK today: 0844 499 9302

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