When Mr S from Nottingham discussed the circumstances of his accident with Michael Lewin Solicitors his claim was immediately accepted on a no win no fee basis; Mr S fractured his finger during an accident that is very typical of the many claims for workplace accidents and case studies the legal team in Leeds have been involved with.

37 year old Mr S fractured his finger whilst trying to replace the legs on a machine. He was left in an enormous amount of pain suffering from swelling and bruising and was hardly able to move his finger. Many injuries of this nature are caused in the workplace when employees are working with either defective equipment or have been given the wrong equipment to use. Accidents like Mr S’s also occur due to inadequate training. In any of these cases the employer can be liable for the injuries if they are unable to show evidence that they have exercised a reasonable duty of care.

Mr S had to seek immediate medical attention as without prompt and correct treatment a fractured finger can cause the victim major problems. The bones in a hand line up precisely and only work properly if this alignment is not disrupted. Any fractures or breaks in the hand can cause permanent stiffness pain and a reduction in functionality if not corrected.

The accident suffered by Mr S is a prime example of how workplace accidents and injuries can occur if machinery or equipment is not used safely or is not in good working order; case studies have shown that despite increased publicity regarding health and safety regulations at work many claims of this nature are still reported and Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds have a vast experience in this area of personal injury law.

A victim of a workplace accident can claim compensation if they can prove that your accident was someone else’s fault. It could be the fault of your employer a fellow employee or even another company which is based at the victim’s place of work. As long as there is a clear case of third party negligence you can make a claim

The main eligible claims shown by case studies for accidents at work which might result in injuries are:
? Unsuitable or damaged equipment
? An unsafe system of work
? Dangerous working practices
? Contact with dangerous materials
? Poor health and safety

If you need legal advice regarding workplace accidents if you have read case studies and think you may be entitled to make a compensation claim Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds will have all the answers you need call them today on: 0844 499 9302

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