Michael Lewin Solicitors are qualified to manage any workplace injury claim they even gave legal advice to Mr M who was assaulted at work and who eventually instructed Michael Lewin to make a claim for damages on his behalf in the UK.

Some jobs are potentially more dangerous than others particularly when it comes to the risk of being assaulted at work. Security guards and bank clerks for example would be more likely to encounter an attack than an office worker. However an assault can occur in any working environment and employers need to be sure that they have taken adequate steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff.

The law has changed in the last few years and employees are now in a much stronger position to claim compensation from an employer if they have been assaulted at work. A few years ago they would have had to fall back on the CICA or make a personal injury claim against their assailant.

Verbal abuse and threats are more common that actual physical assaults however they do occur and no-one should have to endure any violent or aggressive behaviour whilst they are at work.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury specialists have a proven track record of successfully resolving a wide variety of workplace injury claims and can give every client expert advice using their vast experience in the UK.

All employers have a duty to provide adequate protection against injury for all their employees. In cases where this has not been controlled the employer is liable for any accident which occurs. A comprehensive risk assessment needs to be carried out for violence at work and safety measures put in place for anyone who may be at risk. These measure may include safety screens security for night shift workers altering shift patterns so no-one is working alone improved lighting training and information for staff on the risk and control of violence.

Many employers feel concerned that the entire onus for health and safety is on their shoulders. They worry that if employees have interfered with equipment or refuse to wear the correct clothing they are fully responsible.

Sections 7 and 8 of the health and safety at work act deal with these concerns.

Section 7 states that employees must not endanger themselves or others by their acts or omissions. In addition they must co-operate with their employers as long as this co-operation does not lead to an increased risk to health and safety or is an illegal act so that the employer can comply with their statutory duties thereby making the responsibility for safety a joint effort between employer and employee.

If you have had an accident in the workplace and sustained an injury in an incident which was not your fault call Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert workplace injury claim advice in the UK: 0844 499 9302

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