Michael Lewin’s workplace noise claim specialists can help you make a compensation claim for the hearing loss award that you are entitled to if you have suffered a degree of hearing loss as a result of your dangerous working conditions in the UK.

Miss J made a hearing loss claim for industrial deafness compensation after working in a fabric mill without any hearing protection for quite a number of years. According to Miss J no employees at the mill were any hearing protectionand it was not something her employers provided to members of staff. As Miss J had no idea about the dangers of excessive noise damage she got on with her work every day. One day she did notice that she was struggling to hear so she booked herself in for a hearing test. Miss J was diagnosed and having a hearing disorder and luckily we were able to secure her the compensation she was entitled to. Along with suffering a degree of deafnessMiss J also suffers from tinnitus most likely caused by the vibrations from the large and rumbling machines in the mill. Her award of £9800.60 was very satisfactory.

The specialists on Michael Lewin’s workplace noise claims team can help you make a workplace noise claim for the hearing loss recompense that you are entitled to if you are suffering from industrial deafness. You can rest assured that we will secure an award which is appropriate for the level of workplace noise induced deafness you developed in your excessively noise occupational environment. We promise that the amount of workplace noise compensation that we will secure on your behalf is appropriate for the level of hearing loss you are suffering from. No matter what degree of hearing loss you are suffering with from occasional deafness to total deafness in both ears there is a workplace noise induced hearing loss (deafness) specialist here who can help you.

You should seek advice about making a workplace noise claim from a qualified lawyer like those on the industrial deafness and disease team at Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as you have been diagnosed as having a degree of noise related hearing loss to see if you are eligible to start a case for occupational hearing loss compensation in the UK.

The UK law surrounding injured and ill workers who have become injured or ill because of the lack of health and safety at work is on the side of any employee who has had to work in a dangerously noisy environment and who has suffered an injury to the ears because of the excess noise; laws state that any employee is legally entitled to make a workplace noise claim for the suffering they have to endure as a result of the damage to their hearing from being unprotected in the workplace.

For advice about starting a workplace noise claim in the UK from the specialist industrial disease division of Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a workplace noise compensation claim for hearing loss recompense you should call: 0844 499 9302 or email enquiries@michaellewin.co.uk

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