Mr W from Sunderland received ?5000.00 in compensation after he suffered a wrist injury at work which wasn?t his fault; he made a compensation claim for a fractured wrist which was handled by Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds who have an outstanding reputation for customer service and an impressive success rate.

Falls often result in either broken bones or soft tissue damage to the wrist and hand as a result of a hand being outstretched during the fall and taking the full impact. Hands and wrists can also be injured during manual work like in the case of Mr W.

Mr W suffered a fracture to his wrist when a spanner slipped whilst he was trying to close a box. He sought medical treatment and x-rays to diagnose the full extent of the injury as his wrist was extremely painful and swollen and he was unable to move it properly.

Many injuries like a fractured wrist can result in the victim needing to take time off work. This can cause additional stress as this often has a significant financial impact on the victim and their family. The victim may also find they are unable to perform daily activities such as driving household chores or a favourite hobby. These circumstances are considered when awarding compensation.

Michael Lewin worked around the clock to secure a deserving settlement for Mr W’s wrist injury; the legal costs for a compensation claim accepted by the personal injury claims team in Leeds are charged to the third party so Mr W didn?t have to pay a penny. Many employers feel concerned that the entire onus for health and safety is on their shoulders. They worry that if employees have interfered with equipment or refuse to wear the correct clothing they are fully responsible.

Sections 7 and 8 of the health and safety at work act deal with these concerns.

Section 7 states that employees must not endanger themselves or others by their acts or omissions. In addition they must co-operate with their employers as long as this co-operation does not lead to an increased risk to health and safety or is an illegal act so that the employer can comply with their statutory duties thereby making the responsibility for safety a joint effort between employer and employee.

Section 8 states that no person (ie not just employees) shall knowingly intentionally or recklessly misuse abuse or interfere with anything provided in the interests of health and safety. Machine safeguards clearly fall under this section. It therefore follows that should any member of staff be found to be interfering with these devices and they have been provided with the necessary information training and adequate supervision to use the machine correctly disciplinary action should follow.

If you have suffered a wrist injury like Mr W or if you have been hurt in any accident that wasn?t your fault either at work or in a public place you may be eligible to make a compensation claim so before you take any further action call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds: 0844 499 9302.

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